Artists We Need You

Here at The Sleepless Phoenix we have come to a peculiar problem - no one seems to be a comic book artist! The Ages Anthology has been inundated with writers, which  is awesome, but we need artists to illustrate these fantastic story entries! Therefore, Comic-book artists, Graphic-novelists, Illustrators and Art Students, we are calling you out!
Artists please send any previous sequential artwork you have done as a submission to … along with anything you think we might be interested in seeing, Blogs etc.
Also to you writers who have or want to submit strips, if you have an artist in mind or know an artist who could illustrate your work, or even if you are a writer and an artist and want to illustrate your own story, let us know or get the artists in contact with us.

This is a promotional poster asking for artists. Anyone who knows our team; bought the Survival stories anthology or is just interested in helping us publish our next anthology; please spread the word and if possible put the posters up where artists might see it. I will be putting one in the art building at my Uni; we hope you to do similar :)

Thank you everyone for the support you give us.

Check back with us soon for a look at the first strips to become part of the Ages Anthology!

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