The Masses Have Spoken...

As the song goes, 'the public gets what the public wants,' we have a theme decided on for the next Sleepless Phoenix anthology - Ages...or Time. We haven't quite settled on a title yet but, by jove, we have a theme.

So the floodgates have opened. Please send in your submissions to We're trying to get started early and take our time rather than having a mad dash to the finish line.

So please send us art samples and script samples. If you're a writer or an artist working on your own, we can try and find a good match for you, or if you are already working in a team feel free to send in a joint submission.

We're looking forward to sifting through the sleepless mailbox.

1 comment:

  1. I'm looking forward to reading through the stories and a chance to see the wonderful art created. Be nice to see a list develop over the coming months ;)