The Phoenix Has Landed

Sometimes, these titles write themselves.

Hello there, I'm Michael Moreci, the U.S. wing of the Sleepless Phoenix collective. I'm a little behind my partners in the U.K. who received their order last week and were able to debut it at BICS. I'm jealous that I missed out on all the fun, but I do have some plans of my own.

In fact, I will by debuting the book later today, Saturday, from 3-5 PM, CST, at G-Mart in Chicago (my hometown). So if you are anywhere even near the area, come on down.

In addition to that, next week I'll be having my own convention launch next weekend at the Detroit Fanfare. I'll be at table 87, alongside my friend Onrie Kompan, the self-publisher of Yi Soon Shin, and Stan Lee! (Well, Stan Lee will be in the building, so it's kind of alongside...)

These are all more steps in the continuous effort to keep growing the incredible momentum that has surrounded the anthology, and has since day one. The book sold far more than we expected on Kickstarter, it performed excellently at BICS, and I already have people who have contacted me about getting their copies in Detroit. We hope to continue to grow in the coming months and give talented, up-and-coming comics creators a place to showcase their work.

The Sleepless Phoenix staff will be coming up with new and exciting strategies over the coming months--including the next anthology and a new charitable organization to donate to--and will share the news on this site.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far--with any luck (and a lot of hard work) this will only be the beginning.

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